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Morgan Quaintance 5
Tate Modern 4
Esther Leslie: Spam 3
Maria Walsh 3
Paul O'Kane 3
1852) 2
Cherry Smyth 2
Christopher Townsend 2
Colin Perry 2
Cyberspace 2
Digital 2
Dissolution 2
Ed Baxter: De Quincey Gets Stoned. The programming director of Resonance FM and co-editor of the Works of Thomas De Quincey discusses the essayist's autobiographical sequence "A Sketch from Childhood" (1851 2
Emily Roysdon 2
I am a Helicopter Camera Queen 2
Jo Spence 2
John Douglas Millar 2
Laura McLean-Ferris 2
Nancy Holt 2
Neuromancer 2
Omar Kholeif 2
Peter Suchin 2
Readymade 2
Rubbish and Leftover Lecture: Hunting 2
Sophie J Williamson 2
Studio Voltaire 2
Virtualities 2
Walter Benjamin 2
William Gibson 2
assemblage 2
bodily dissolution 2
post-internet 2
the body in pieces 2
virtual reality 2
& flip/flop (Fat Chance John Cage) 1
1649-50 1
1969 1
1975Donald Judd's fabricator drawings 1
1977’1988 1
1995 1
2000) 1
2001 1
2002 1
2007). she is co-convenor of the Performance & the Body Working Party of TaPRA (Theatre & Performance Research Association) and a member of the AHRC Peer Review College. For further details: For bibliography and references cited in this lecture 1
2010 1
A Hard and Merciless Light The Worker Photography Movement 1926- 1939 1
Adam Chodzko 1
Ai Weiwei 1
Alexander Heim 1
Allen Ginsberg 1
Alpa Shah: Would Yosemite National Park be a better home for the Wild Elephants of Eastern India? Dr Alpa Shah is Lecturer at Department of Anthropology 1
Among Other Things 1
Andrew Dodds 1
Andy Warhol 1
Anthology Film Archives 1
Anthony Bryant 1
Anthony McCall’s 1
Anthony McCall’s Line Describing a Cone 1973 1
Ariel Hessayon: Restoring the Garden of Eden in England's Green and Pleasant Land 1
Ariel Hessayon: The Jews in England from their expulsion in 1290 to their readmission in 1659. Dr Hessayon is based at Goldsmiths' Department of History. For recommended further reading see the FUoTA page at Duration: 56:53 1
Art/Writing 1
Artificial Hells 1
Atomic War Command (ARK) 1
Avant Garde 1
Baader Meinhoff group 1
Ben Watson: Art 1
Bergvall 1
Big Brother 1
Bob Dickinson 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
Bouvard and Pécuchet's Compendius Quest for Beauty 1
Branislav Dimitrijevic 1
British Modernism 1
Bruce Nauman’s Mapping the Studio II with color shift 1
Cambridge 1
Carroll/Fletcher 1
Channel 4 1
Charles Parker 1
Chelsea College of Art & Design 1
Chelsea College of Art & Design Jo Spence: Work (Part I & II) 1
Chodzko 1
Chris Fite-Wassilak 1
Christine Kinnon: An Introduction to Gene Therapy and Molecular Immunology. Prof Christine Kinnon is Theme Leader in Infection & Immunity 1
Claire Bishop 1
Claire Bishop- Artificial Hells 1
Claire Parnet 1
Class and Cleavage. Ben Watson broadcasts every week on Resonance FM. He is the author of numerous books 1
Conceptual Writing 1
Conical Intersect 1
Corneila Parker’s The Maybe 1
Crate Margate 1
Cynic 1
Cynics 1
Cynics of ancient Greece 1
D-0 Atomska Ratna Komanda 1
Dada 1
Dave Beech 1
David Gates - The Language Of Craft This paper posits a view that with rare exceptions the nascent discourse around contemporary craft largely addresses agendas central to Design History and Material Culture rather than establishing routes of communication between 1
David Roberts Art Foundation 1
Deleuze 1
Detritus 1
Diogenes barrel 1
Donald Judd 1
Dorothea Rockburne 1
Dworkin 1
Edward Simpson: Remembering natural disasters and memorials in India and Sri Lanka. Dr Simpson is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology 1
Exhibition as medium End Symposium 1
Faculty of Arts. Dr Roberta Mock is Reader in Performance and Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Plymouth where she also leads the MRes Theatre & Performance programme. She is the editor of Walking 1
Film 1
Film-makers' Coperative (FMC) 1
Flaming Creatures (1963) 1
Fluxus 1
Focal Point Gallery 1
Fresh Kills New York 1
Fresh Kills land mass 1
Freud 1
Gareth Jones 1
Gerhard Richter 1
Gerhard Richter: Panorama 1
Germany. He is the con-instigator and chairman of the long-running Profile Intermedia design conference. 1
Gilles De La Tourette 1
Gilles Deleuze 1
Gillian Whiteley 1
Gina Saccone 1
Goldsmiths 1
Goldsmith’s Soliloquy 1
Gordon Matta-Clark 1
Gordon Matta-Clark Conical Intersect 1
Griselda Pollock 1
Haunch of Venison 1
Haunch of Venison London 1
HfK Bremen 1
Hierarchy and Food in Borneo. Dr Janowski is Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Sussex. Visit Duration: 21:29 1
I.B. Taurus 1
ISBN 978 1 8488541 3 0 1
Informel 1
Isaac Julien 1
JJ Charlesworth 1
Jean Seaton: On George Orwell. Jean Seaton is Professor of Media History at he University of Westminster 1
Jennifer Thatcher 1
Jirge Ribalta 1
Joel Holmberg 1
Joel Holmberg & Jon Rafman 1
John Douglas Millar. Art Monthly 1
John Lennon 1
John Lennon and Jonas Mekas 1
John McCracken 1
John Wood and Paul Harrison 1
Jon Rafman 1
Jon Thompson 1
Jon Thompson Collected Writings 1
Jonas Mekas filmaker and poet 1
Jonathan Wolff: John Rawls and the Theory of Justice. A discussion of distributive justice 1
Joseph Beuys 1
Josh Harris 1
Julian Stallabras: Images of War. Julian Stallabrass lectures in modern and contemporary art at the Courtauld Institute. This lecture accompanies his work on the Brighton Photo Biennal 2008. Visit [WARNING: contains disturibing images which maybe considered unsuitable for children.] and Duration: 24:16 1
Julian Stallabras: Images of War. Julian Stallabrass lectures in modern and contemporary art at the Courtauld Institute. This lecture accompanies his work on the Brighton Photo Biennal 2008. Visit [WARNING: contains disturibing images which maybe considered unsuitable for children.] and Duration: 24:16. 1
Junk: Art and Politics of Trash 1
Junk: Art and the Politics of Trash 1
Karl Marx 1
Kelly Large 1
Kenneth Goldsmith 1
Kevin Buzzard: Number theory and communication. Kevin Buzzard is Professor of Mathematics at Imperial College 1
Konjic 1
Konjic Biennial 1
Konrad Fischer Gallery 1
Kraftwerk 1
Lithuanian poet 1
London 1
London. Visit For further reading 1
Malcolm Miles: Herbert Marcuse's idea of society as a work of art. Malcolm Miles is Professor of Cultural Theory at the University of Plymouth. Visit Duration: 36:14. 1
Manchester 1
Manon de Boer 1
Marina Abramovi 1
Marjolijn Dijkman 1
Mark Miodownik: How to make the perfect cup of coffee. What elements are involved in the making of a simple beverage. The Director of the Materials Library and Head of the Materials Research Group at King's College London provides an audibly practical demonstration of the answer. Visit Duration: 43:10. 1
Mark Prince 1
Mark Rothko Seagrams 1
Martin Heidegger 1
Marx 1
Marxist art 1
Mary Kelly 1
Mary Kelly Projects 1973-2010 1
Mary Kelly at Whitworth Art Gallery 1
Matt Hale 1
Matthew Darbyshire 1
Matthew Darbyshire at Zabludowicz Collection 1
Michael Dean 1
Michael Kustow 1
Mierle Laderman Ukeles 1
Mladen Miljanovic 1
MoMA PS1 1
Monica Janowski: Potency 1
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia 1
Nairy Baghramian 1
Natalija Vujosevic 1
Nebrojsa Seric Shoba 1
New York filmaker 1
up-solid down-solid